May 20, 2014

10 Things Only Year-Round Bikers Will Understand

10: Breathing out of the side of your mouth so that your glasses don't fog up in the winter

9: The constant internal debate about whether it would be more practical/impractical to get one of these:

One of these:

Or one of these:

8: Your partner gets jealous of the bikes you stop to check out.

7: The initial joy of blowing the grocery store cashier's mind at the fact that you're taking ALL THOSE GROCERIES on a bicycle.

6: How that initial excitement dulls over time into annoyed resentment.

Yup. I really am taking it on my bike. Just like every other time I buy food.

5: Your friends don't seem to understand why it's often *less practical* for them to give you a ride in their car, even though it's obvious to you.

4. Even though your car driving friends don't understand how it's possible, with a proper clothing, and elevated body heat from exercise, you rarely, if ever, get cold in the winter.

3. You find yourself staying in shape despite your crappy diet.

2. You're saving thousands of dollars a year by not having a car.

1. You'd never go back to driving a car if they paid you.

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