September 27, 2016

Are you worried about Trump Winning?

People are worried that everything is going to go to shit if Trump wins. But things have already gone to shit. People are presently dying at the hands of this horrible system, from racist police, from not having access to healthcare, from homelessness, from hunger, from bombs being dropped on them... And we have Democrats in charge. It doesn't do any good. The problem is that we spend the bulk of our life having our labor exploited, and no real democracy at all.

Democrats on city council are the ones cutting General Assistance, shutting down health clinics, and giving away money through tax breaks to corporations.

Democrats are the ones who introduced workfare, which gutted the welfare system.

No matter who wins, they will be in charge of the state which makes sure that housing is for profit, that food is for profit, that wars are for profit, and that empire keeps expanding for profit.

Besides that, Trump doesn't scare me, his supporters do. And they don't go away if you vote for Hillary. They'll still be around, just like they are around right now. We can't vote them out of existence, we need to develop organizations that have the philosophical grounding to undercut Trumps false populism while critiquing the status quo.

Hillary is the Status Quo. She doesn't want any radical reforms. People know that the system isn't working. Trump's rhetoric is filled with answers-- wrong answers. Racist answers. Misogynistic answers. But answers.

And the American left is more than happy to brow beat one another into shutting up about how horrible Clinton is, which leaves the vast majority of people who are looking for answers as to why everything sucks so badly, to look to Trump for a critique of the situation.

Lesser evilism voting, and the vote-shaming and stifling of dissent that comes with it, actually weakens the left, and makes it more difficult for us advance our agenda because it allows the only critique of the status quo to come from right-wing demagogs like Trump.

We must build a leftist party that can take on both the Democrats and Republicans. I think the Green Party can be that party, but maybe not. Something has to change though. If we don't, things will just continue to get worse and worse and the lesser evil will get more and more evil- and the greater evil will grow in response.

Fight back.