April 29, 2009


Do you have swine flu yet?

Has anybody else but me noticed or realized that this fancy "Swine Flu" is just a new strain of the same goddamn fucking flu that we get every goddamn fucking year?

They're just calling it a different name... Seriously! WTF is the big deal? It's the fucking FLU!

From MedicalEcology.com:

People have suffered from influenza for thousands of years. Viruses identical or closely related to the human form of the infection can be isolated from ducks, turkeys, swine, horses, and many other species of warm-blooded vertebrates, as well. It is hypothesized that humans probably acquired influenza when domestication of animals first began. The development of agriculture and the establishment of permanent settlements provided sufficient numbers of potential hosts to create an epidemic.

What's the next big news item they're going to try to scare us with?

Rhinovirus? HOLY SHIT! THE COMMON COLD HAS REACHED PANDEMIC LEVELS! SOME PEOPLE with auto-immune defficincies, previous poor health or chronic illness, and/or no access to clean drinking water MIGHT DIE FROM THIS DISEASE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!



I just saw on the news that there are two reported cases of "swine flu" in Maine now. They're both in Kennebunk.

Guess what-- you're probably going to get the flu. You'll be sick for a couple days, and it will suck, and then you'll get over it.

Unless you're super old, or have existing auto-immune issues, you're not going to die. It's just the fucking FLU.

April 1, 2009