November 5, 2011

When will the Revolution come? [Full Version]

When will the revolution come?
I don't know
but I bet it will be fun.

Didn't Jesus feed the poor?
I don't know
but he doesn't anymore (it's up to us now)

My heart is filled with broken glass
and I know in my soul that this cannot last
kicking all the kids out in the street
but they land on their feet
and they're marching to the beat
of their own drum

Why are you willing to kill?
Son, I've got to kill
cuz I gotta pay my bills

When will we end all the wars?
The wars will end when we figure out
what the fuck we're fighting for


When will the empire fall?
I don't know, but when it does
I won't feel so small

When will the Revolution come?
I don't know, but I
bet it will be fun.


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