November 17, 2011

Photos from #N17 #OWS

Bloomberg says less than 1,000 people protested today. He must have had his back turned to the other 29,000 who were out in the streets today when he was counting.

#OWS protesters took their stories of being screwed by the US financial system to the Subway, using the People's Mic:

For no reason, NYPD kettled people into Zuccotti, with riot helmets on, and billy clubs drawn:

Police using Barricades as a weapon on the kettled protesters:

Brendan "Romania" who sustained a head injury when NYPD pushed him to the ground, hitting his head on a curb:

Police acting like 3rd grade bullies, pulling on people's ponytails:

The Gothamist reports on Unions and #OWS coming together at Foley Square:

OWS and Unions at Foley Square from Gothamist on Vimeo.

With the unions involved, the Police led this march as escorts:

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