November 8, 2011



I don’t know what I’ve been told

you can win the war but you’ll lose your soul

you can drop a bomb that will burn a hole

through everything you love and know

Brothers face down in the soil

your machine it runs on oil

brothers face down in the mud

your machine it runs on blood

you pretend that it’s anything but wrong

(war cry)

All this death and all this strife

so you can life your American life

we cannot quench our lust for more

we lost our soul but we won the war

Uncle sam can lend a hand

brothers face down in the sand

I don’t know what I’ve been told

you can win the war, but you lose your soul

you pretend that it’s anything but wrong  

(war cry)


* I'm headed back down to #OWS tonight, and I'll be there till very late Sunday night (actually 1:30am Sunday morning).  I'm doing some volunteer work for the documentary I worked on previously.  I really want to see the project through now that I've been working on it for so long.  If you're at OWS at anytime during that period, say hello!

* Yet another big thank you to PE Nolan for letting me crash on her couch.

THIS is extremely exciting:  A contingent from #OWS is marching from NYC all the way to Washington DC, covering 20 miles a day for two weeks straight.  Holy smokes this is awesome.

* The next 16 people to order t-shirts from my Etsy store will get a copy of my band's cd FOR FREE!

* My band, Theodore Treehouse, just launched a kickstarter project for our second album.  We're trying to raise $8,000 to a) pay for recording b) pay for mastering c) pay for publishing and d) repair our van so we can e) go on a tour of all the Occupied cities in the USA.  Which is getting to be a larger number every day.  We're raising the money in $10 and $20 increments.  So that's a lot of people.

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