November 16, 2011

#Occupy Baltimore confronts Karl Rove

“Karl Rove is the architect of Occupy Iraq, the architect of Occupy Afghanistan!”

Karl Rove completely loses his shit.

"Who gave you the right to occupy America?

Uhm, Karl-- first, they're American Citizens. Second, check out the Bill of Rights.

Occupy Baltimore: "We are the 99%"

Karl Rove: "No you're not. No You're Not!"

Wow, Karl, what a brilliant response. You can really think on your feet, can't you?

Karl Rove: "You wanna keep jumping up and yelling that you’re the 99 percent? How presumptuous and arrogant can you think you are?”

Is that even a sentance? So let me get this straight, you are stating essentially that the 99 are presumptuous and arrogant, and that the protesters are thinking they, like the 99%, are ALSO presumptious and arrogant?

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a baggadouche like Karl Rove, who is normally a silver tongued demon of doublespeak, so completely flummoxed that he can't come up with a coherent sentence, let alone a cogent argument.

Wish you could do this in your town, but are afraid about getting arrested? Don't be.

About 15 protesters were asked to leave and some were forcibly removed. No one was arrested.

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