November 5, 2011

Scott Walker gets Mic Check'd

"We're all about the free expression of ideas..." - Gov. Scott Walker

When Wisonsin Governor gave a speech at Chicago's Union League Club the morning of Nov 3rd, he has some unexpected guests:
Stand Up! Chicago

Dear 1%

The people's voice will not be silenced.

The world of the Occupation, which values unity, diversity, and freedom of expression is slowly invading and destroying the old world that values hierarchy, ignorance, and silence. We are like white blood cells rushing to the site of an infection.

When public officials are mic checked, we're not interrupting a meeting, we are creating a new world in the same space as the old one. We are using your old world's space to host the creation of a new one. We are participating in a new, parallel form of government. Since we are many, and you are few, our actions don't seek to just disrupt business as usual, but to disband with it altogether.

Occupy's goal is not to fight your system, but to make it completely irrelevant.

Here's the thing about the 99%-- We are everywhere, and we don't need you. Expect us.

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