November 14, 2011


"We have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the world works." - Alan Greenspan

Toppling the rule of the 1% should be pretty easy.

Why? Because they have no fucking clue about how the world actually works. All we have to do is stop playing their sociopathic game, and wait for them to punch themselves in their own testicles so hard that they puke.

For instance, dozens of photocopied McDonald's job applications were reportedly thrown from the Chicago Board of Trade building and onto Occupy Chicago protestors last week.

Last month, the Board of Trade had signs in their windows saying, “WE are the 1%” followed by a similar flurry of litter being dumped out their windows, peices of paper saying, “We are the 1% who are paying for this.”

Paying for what exactly? Paying for the protesters? How exactly is it that you’re doing that? You assume that all the protesters are mooching? I’ve been down to Occupy DC and Occupy Wall Street for extended periods of time, and trust me, the one thing that is at the heart of this movement is not mooching-- it’s an incredible ability to create something from nothing. The people occupying these parks are not keeping their kitchen full by swiping their EBT card, and the tarps and ground pads that they are using to build shelters are not subsidized by Section 8 housing.

They are recieving donations from those who understand the systemic inequity that our capitalist system creates and relies on to function. The occupiers are dumpster diving, scrapping, recycling, up cycling.

They are using the excesses of capitalism that would normally be tossed out, and taking abundance that would normally be wasted, disposed of to keep it out of the market and keep prices artificially high, and they are sharing that abundance with the community.

And really-- McDonald’s applications? This just shows how out of touch these assholes on the Chicago board of trade really are. There are people who have masters degrees, who can’t find jobs, and are now so desperately looking for work that they ALREADY HAVE applied to McDonald’s in the hopes that they can put that masters degree to use earning minimum wage flipping burgers.

This whole incident just makes it crystal clear that the assholes who run our economy have no fucking clue how things in the real world work.

And when they respond by with stupid shit like this, they’re doing the PR equivalent of punching themselves in the testicles. So keep it up guys.

Stay strong.


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