April 16, 2011

So this is kind of awesome

You might recognize these images from these blog posts in which I asked you to "please distribute these images widely":

Maine Welcome Sign redux
I've Had The Wind Knocked Out of me, but never the hurricane

And then there's the Kill All Art piece which, I first found out about here (it's not by me, though I have permission from the artist to use it on t-shirts).

And lo and behold-- somebody did more than just reupload them to their own flickr/facebook/twitpic account, or sharing them on their friend's facebook walls. They "uploaded" them to an actual wall somewhere. That's kind of awesome!

PortlandPaste claims to be
...an anonymous collective of artists, activists, and troublemakers, nonviolently fighting a war of ideas inside your head, and on your walls.

I look forward to more from these folks! I'm really glad that they used my designs, I also hope they come up with some original stuff of their own.

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