April 22, 2011

FULL VIDEO of DNC fundraiser singing protest

"White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said later that Obama thought the protest was funny and that it "perked up his morning," CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted. Knoller, aboard Air Force One with the president, also tweeted that protesters chose the wrong gig for their schtick: Press ground rules at the event called for no TV or radio coverage, only pen and pad."

--via TFD news

Yeah, Mr Knoller, but you forget that we live in the era of iPhones, FlipCams, vimeo, and YouTube, where people can share things with thousands of people via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You forgot about that. In fact, if the blogosphere picks this story up and runs with it, you're probably going to broadcast this very YouTube video on the nightly news. Oh cocky mainstream media reporters...

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