April 13, 2011

Senator Sanders: This Congress is stealing from the poor and giving to the rich


  1. Goddamnit I wish he was MY senator! My sentators are an embarrassment to humanity ( I live in Arizona, 'nuff said)

    If Sanders were to run for President, I might actually give a shit about the next election.

  2. I'm interested to know what you have to say to people like Edward Cote, who says that you shouldn't get involved in politics, because you're going to ruin the chances of Obama getting re-elected.

  3. I'd say thank-you! I had no idea I had that kind of power. I'm just a broke lower middle class dude that can barely afford gas to go to my crappy job.

    I'm not trying to be rich, I just want to breathe without stressing about how I'm going to afford medical bills, groceries and fuel. I'm one of the people doing the right thing and holding on to my mortgage in an upside down house. I'm a lunatic.

    No one represents us, I thought Obama would but he has ZERO fight in him.

    I wanted GITMO closed, I wanted the wars to end, I wanted a public option for healthcare, I wanted infrastructure spending.

    When I was in the military I travelled overseas a LOT and saw things like high-speed rail (amazing) and beautiful roads.

    I see how other governments take care of their people, because they FEAR their people. We've got it backwards here. If Obama loses it'll be his own fault, much like an employee who is constantly late and unproductive. I'm not naive, I know two years can't undo decades of wrong, but two yars is enough to show what kind of fight you've got. If I felt that Obama actually struck fear in the hearts of the GOP, I'd back him again. I was let down....again. I'm sick of being let down.

    I can't understand why the GOP, while controlling only the house, can dictate THE ENTIRE DISCOURSE! I thought majority ruled in a democracy. I thought we gave Obama a mandate. He failed to capitalize. It's not my job to try to save his. It's HIS job to get me to join him.

  4. Thank you for letting me know that there are others out there who feel exactly the same as I do, and are willing to say so openly.

    There's a really good article in the March/April edition of Mother Jones, about why neither party represents us:


  5. The above link is broken, and links to philly.com, not MotherJones.

    I wish Progressives would form some sort of independent political organization, whether a political party, pressure groups, demonstrators, or all of the above, rather than worrying so much if an evil REPUBLICAN(!) wins office...

  6. Huh. Here's the long form of the link. It should link to "findarticles.com" because Mother Jones isn't hosting it on their website anymore. It is, however, still in the print edition.