April 13, 2011

In face of Wildfire, Texas disbands socialist fire departments

Texas Leadership says, "Let the free market work it out."

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

More than 100,000 acres, have been scorched by wildfire in the state of Texas, and that number is climbing as time goes on. In the face of this widespread destruction, Texas leadership has called for the disbanding of local fire departments, decrying them as socialist.

"We really ought to let the free market forces decide whose homes should remain standing. This is no place for government intervention or socialism." said the spokesperson for Texas Governor Rick Perry.

In many rural areas that have already been subject to the disbanding of fire departments, homeowners were forced to use their own garden-hoses to fight back billowing flames.

At one Fort Davis home, mother, father and son picked up their garden hoses to douse approaching flames as they threatened their property and their neighbors' homes. Together, the Coffins managed to keep the fire from reaching their home and another nearby house. But to their left, their neighbor's property was a total loss.

"The sad thing is," John Coffin said, as he looked out at the smoking debris next door, "if we'd had a longer hose, and more water in our well, or higher water pressure, we could have saved that house. I'm confident though that the market will respond. Until then, it seems that the invisible hand has decided to knock our neighbor's house to the ground, into a smoldering heap. But I'm sure they'll understand-- the free market is never wrong."


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