April 30, 2011

Hey Progressives! The DNC is crowd-sourcing. This is a good time to make demands.

So the DNC is polling it's base to see where people's hearts and heads are at.

This is a really good time to make demands of the party. Here's what I wrote in. I encourage you to do likewise by clicking here.

No matter what you do, you will be called a socialist. Which is absurd, given the policies and staff of the Obama administration so far.

But you know what? A majority of Americans think that socialism is a good thing. So why not do socialist things, and win the votes of the majority?

Fight for the following:

* A minimum wage that is indexed to the cost of living

* Single Payer Healthcare

* Universal College Tuition

* Raising income taxes on the richest, and bringing back the inheritance tax.

* Ending the wars and bringing our troops home.

* Tobin Tax on Derivatives trades and hedges and naked short selling

* A new Works Progress Administration, for REAL Green Energy, not baloney like "Clean Coal" which still kills thousands of people during the mining process.

* Gov't loans for people who install solar panels or wind turbines, to be paid back via the difference in energy savings.

* Gov't grants for weatherizing homes- not tax credits (tax credits only go to those who have the money to spend to start with, and the poorest are the ones who most need to weatherize their homes).

* A ban on Mountaintop Removal mining.

* A constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood.

If you fight for this, and ask the people of the USA to elect a congress that will give this platform to you, you will win back the congress in 2012, and hold the white house, by a landslide.

You can do so by clicking here


  1. I pray they listen. I guess we can find out who's voice is louder to them, the Corporate Masters or We the People.

  2. I hope they listen too. And if they don't, don't vote for them. It's that simple.

    I strongly believe in punishing bad congressional candidates for having terrible policies.

  3. We should be attacking the Republican Party's policies and especially the Tea Party. WE NEED TO PUT THEM ON DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!! It's hard to strike back when you are trying to block punches.

  4. Marvin, how do you propose we do that, without any policies to serve as an alternative?

  5. I agree with almost all of this. I also agree that we need to be more proactive and define our beliefs and policies in more positive terms. We're stuck doing damage control right now, but we have an extraordinary opportunity to go on the offensive next year. The Republicans have put themselves into a very vulnerable position by overreaching so horribly.

    I find it particularly interesting that you mention the WPA and that we both thought of it independently. It should be reinstated because of the tremendous amount of work that needs to be done on our national infrastructure, not just repair, but upgrades. We need high speed rail, the smart grid, renewable energy, and more.

    All of the work that needs to be done would cost trillions of dollars, but it would worth it because we need to put millions of people back to work and infrastructure is cheaper when you don't wait for critical failures.

    I had the idea that this massive effort could be financed in part voluntarily. In WW2 there were the "war bonds", so why not "infrastructure bonds"?

    Lastly, the WPA could be a political winner on the campaign trail. That's not being cynical, it's just practical. We need something positive that we can "sell" potently.

  6. Edward, I'm glad we see eye to eye for once.