April 27, 2011

PowerShift storms the Dept of Interior

Environmental activists have heeded the call from 350.org leader Bill McKibben, that in regards to inaction on climate change, "we are playing with fire" and that "widespread civil disobedience" is needed, and law school student cum activist leader Tim DeChristopher, who was there to lead the march into the building, and was heard speaking at the end of the protest:

This action today wasn't put together by any big green group. It wasn't put together by any group that is corporate funded... or that has huge amounts of money. This was put together by small collectives that want a massive change in society. It's important that we keep this movement our own. It's important that we don't sell out to those big green groups that are after corporate money.

This sort of civil disobedience needs to be continuous, long term. Just as during the civil rights movement, where the jails were filled to capacity, every day, and the court system was clogged with minor charges for nonviolent civil disobedience.


More footage:

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