April 9, 2011

The Mural Bandits STRIKE AGAIN!

This time they're displaying the comments you posted on their first video alongside the images of the mural:

Check it:

Plus, they've issued a challenge to you:

We remind you again that your voice is your own expression of freedom, as it always was. If you have forgotten this, we ask that you remember it now.

Opportunity lies all around you, should you choose to see it.

The methods we use to achieve our projects are crude, and our intentions sincere. You all possess these qualities. Again, if you have forgotten this, we ask you to remember now.

Every wall is a canvas, and many canvases hide where walls don't stand. Find your own. Share your expression. If this video inspires you, we urge that you respond in kind and produce your own achievements to inspire others in turn.

We are nothing more than a spark that already exists within you. The messenger is unimportant.

You possess the means to repeat, magnify and evolve what we have already done. If you wish, we will assist you in this process.

Go to http://keepvid.com/ and enter this youtube video address into the download box. Hit enter, then download and now you have the Mural Projection video to use for yourself.

Be smart, be aware, and go big. You have our support.
Tag. You're it.

Yeah dude. Tag. You're it!

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