July 26, 2010

RightChange.com -The Ultimate in Right-Wing Greenwashing

Have you seen this load of tripe?

Talking Feds 3 from RightChange on Vimeo.

You would think that a video depicting Obama as being soft on the oil companies would be coming from some progressive leftist organization like GreenChange.org or GreenPeace.

But no. This right-wing PAC called "Right Change" is playing on anger over the oil spill, and placing blame squarely on the shoulders of Obama.

There's one problem: the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico isn't his fault.

Sure, Obama's administration shares some of the blame for continuing the rubber stamp policies for drilling permits at the MMS, and for dragging their feet when it comes to cleaning out the former employees who were literally in bed with the industry, but the disaster does not start with Obama.

What is Right Change's solution? Elect Republicans.

It's the conservative mantra of "Deregulate, Deregulate Deregulate!" that was at the source of the problem. Conservatives wanted less government, and corporate democrats wanted the same thing, with different language (they're pro-business.)

That this organization is riffing on the public's anger over the oil spill, and then offering the election of Republicans to "take back washington" is beyond disingenuous.

This double-think required to NOT see the contradiction here would scare even George Orwell.

Here's something you can do to hold Democrats and Republicans accountable, and prevent future oil spills from happening:

Revoke BP's Corporate Charter

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