July 6, 2010

Have Socialists Taken Over?!

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On in 2001, on 9-11, the WTC was struck by two planes.
Before the buildings came down, the scene was swarming with employed agents of a socialist organization. An organization with their headquarters right in New York City. Was this an international conspiracy by socialists? You’re watching the Punk Patriot.

Are you KIDDING me? Those socialists were all first responders- EMTs, Police, and Fire Fighters. They’re HEROES, remember?
Everybody worshiped and diefed these folks, and I think rightfully so. They were all responding to a higher calling. They were there to save lives.
They get paid the same whether they are pulling injured civilians from the burning rubble of a terrorist attack, or if they are sitting in the station playing cribbage. Why? Because the Fire Department is a socialist organization. YUP! The heroes of 9-11 were all agents of socialism!
It didn’t always used to be this way. Prior to the socialist model for Fire Departments, we used to have private fire companies.
The first Government-Funded Fire department was started in 1898. It was a socialist model that replaced the private fire company model. Under the private model fire companies would compete with one another to be the ones to respond to a fire in order to get payment from fire insurance companies. Now on it’s face, that seems like a good thing, right? They all compete to be first!
That totally ignores human psychology. As so often happens when you start attaching profits to something, these private fire companies became extremely corrupt, and would actively prevent other fire companies from responding to a fire to make sure that their company would be first and only, through activities like sending a person ahead of their pump wagon with a barrel. This "Barrel Sitter" would place his barrel over the fire hydrant, and sit on the barrel to prevent other fire companies from gaining access to it, and thus becoming the first to respond.
While these schmucks fought over profits, fire destroyed homes and took the lives of those trapped by the flames and smoke.
To make matters worse, private fire companies refused to put out fires that affected homes that were too poor to afford fire insurance plaques, despite there being a definite risk to the public safety. Fire has no regard for the income of residents, rich or poor, and will spread from house to house regardless of whether or not the owner has fire insurance.
The socialist model changed all that. Socialism is the model seen in Fire Depts almost everywhere in the United States today.

That's right! Whether they know it or not, your local fire department is filled with Socialists!

Socialism isn’t an international conspiracy-- it’s as American as Apple Pie!

This is User supported media. PLease concider donating to keep this going

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