July 25, 2010

Pre-Made T-Shirts in stock- same day shipping!

So if you want to order a shirt, but can't quite make up your mind because of how many different designs I offer, maybe this will help you narrow your choices

Here is a list of t-shirts that I have in stock, pre-made, ready to ship the day you order them:

End War

1 Small (red on grey)
1 Medium (light orange on red)

It's Pickle Time!

1 large

Binary: "I <3 You"

2 Small
2 Medium
2 X-Large

Socialism: Keeping America Safe from Fires

3 Small
3 Medium
3 Large


2 Large

Turn Your Frauen Upsidedown

1 Large
1 X-large


1 medium
2 large
2 x large

What Part of Forgive Don't you Assholes Understand?

1 Small
1 X Large

Work What Your Mama Gave You

1 Small


1 small
1 medium
1 large
1 x large

Mortality: We're All Going To Die!

1 small
1 large
1 x large

I am afraid and therefore unquestioningly obedient

1 small (white text on blue)
2 medium (one white txt on pink, the other dark red txt on yellow)
1 x large (white txt on red)

Birds on Wire

1 small

Brand America

1 Medium

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