July 3, 2010

REVOKE BP'S CHARTER- A walk through

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So what if I told you that some kid in Maine had in his mind that he was going to start a grass roots campaign to take down the second biggest oil company in the USA?

What if I told you that within a couple weeks he’d recruit thousands of members to the cause?

What if I told you that after organizing the effort of thousands of people, he’d win over a National Political Organization, who would provide the movement with web tools to make it as easy as possible to take action?

What if I told you that eventually the movement would be reported on in CounterPunch, CommonDreams, and the Corporate Crime Reporter?

What if I told you that grassroots democracy works when you have the skills and put enough effort into it?

I’m that Kid in Maine, and you are one of those thousands of supporters, and I couldn’t have gotten this idea off the ground without your help. So THANK YOU. Also to “I’m Just A Girl” and “Davis Fleetwood” who are much better at this youtube thing than I am, I couldn’t have recruited membership like you did. Thank you!

If you don’t know already, the Revoke BP’s Corporate Charter movement was taken up by GreenChange.org, and has been reported on in CommonDreams, CounterPunch, and the Corporate Crime Reporter.

Do you remember the last video I had with all those links you had to sort through? There were a lot of links. Instead of going through that bull***t, now, thanks to GreenChange’s web tools, you can now participate in three simple steps:

Step one: go to http://bit.ly/RevokeBP1 and write a letter to Attorney General Beau Biden.

After you’re done there, it will redirect to the page where you can send a letter to the State Legislature.

Then finally you can write a letter to the editor for your local paper.

Why are these things important?

Step One: Beau Biden can bring a case against BP.

Step Two: Through a simple act of legislation, the Deleware State Legislature can overturn BP’s charter.

Step Three: You need to keep building the movement. Just because you participated doesn’t mean your job is over.

Now I know for a fact that most of the membership of the facebook group has yet to participate in this action. This IS NOT a facebook petition. We’re trying to actually DO something here.

What if I told you that Grassroots Democracy actually worked? All you have to do is put in the effort.


  1. Done and done. Excellent work.
    PS Your bit.ly link to action on the blog is broken (or at least was for me). It works just dandy from the FB group.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out!

    I was playing fast a easy with the html, and forgot to inclue the "http://" on the beginning of the link, so it attached it to the Blogger.com address.

    Anyways, it's fixed now.

  3. Very nice walkthrough, but if I may make one suggestion, I think writing in paper to Attorney General Beau Biden would probably be a lot more effective than emailing him. Doing both would be best though :P

  4. Anyone interested in sending him snail mail can do so at the following addresses :

    Carvel State Office Bldg
    820 N. French Street
    Wilmington, DE 19801

    102 W. Water Street
    Dover, DE 19904

    114 East Market St.
    Georgetown, DE 19947

    Calling him might also work :

    (302) 577-8400

    (302) 739-7641

    (302) 856-5353

  5. Good work TiradeFaction!

    You're right- sending an actual letter IS more effective than sending an email.

    But unfortunately, most people have a 6 second attention span. Besides, writing an email is better than not writing an email.