October 31, 2011

Whose Orange Net? OUR ORANGE NET!

I was on this Oakland Solidarity march here at OWS, but the section that I was on was rather uneventful. There were times where I saw some of these conflicts, but from almost a block away. The march also broke into several sub-marches, and it was impossible to know where things were happening, or indeed WHAT was happening.

Here is a jaw-dropping highlights reel of both police brutality, as well as peaceful uprising.

While this paints a dirty picture of how the NYPD reacted, there were also times where they pretty much just gave up, and stopped trying to arrest people.

There was one point where people who were about to be arrested locked arms, and then the NYPD who were trying to arrest them just gave up in the middle of it, and decided, "ah, fuck it" and let them go.

And there was much dancing in celebration of that.

My favourite part of the video above is at 8:02 when the OWS marchers take the police net. The next day, people were wearing strips of that net as arm bands.

Fuck yes.

From the air:

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