October 11, 2011

Occupy Boston- Mass arrests and property destruction by Boston Police

Well, This is certainly going to blow up in the police's face

As you can see from the video a group of Veterans For Peace were standing at attention using their bodies to block the police, using vets for peace, and American flags to help take up more space. Apparently, during the arrests, veterans were thrown to the ground, and the American flag was literally trampled underfoot by police.

What I'm hearing from Lance Matos, who I understand has been at Occupy Boston, the police, about 200 of them, made mass arrests this morning at 2am:

" People's property is being put into dump trucks and destroyed. Tarps, tents, chairs, and who knows what other equipment. Cameras and phone as well no doubt."

The AP reports:

"The protesters, part of the national Occupy Wall Street movement, had tried to expand from their original site in Dewey Square to a second site across the street, along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. A local conservancy group recently planted $150,000 worth of shrubs along the greenway and officials said they were concerned about damage."

Apparently shrubbery is more important than 1st amendment rights.

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  1. your blog has been an incredible resource and inspiration to me in Minneapolis. Our Occupy is struggling to find organization and structure. I check your blog every day for insight, news, and tips on how to make our Occupy go as well as possible.

    thanks to you and everyone involved for all of the hard work and sacrifice