October 1, 2011

Occupy Maine Rally

As the blog post this was originally from became increasingly about underhanded police tactics at the Brooklyn Bridge, this section of the article became less and less relevant. So I've clipped it and moved it to it's own entry.

The Occupy Maine Rally

Started today, and was featured on national television on the nightly news, along with other cities that are holding solidarity rallies. It was drizzling steadily all day, and the crowd remained about 150 people, petering out towards 3pm when the general assembly started.

During my time there I went to subsidized housing areas to put up posters. I ran into lots of people who were either homeless, or living in shelters, who had not heard about the Occupy Wall Street protests. They saw this poster, asked what it was about, and after I explained, they would smile and then list off a really reasonable and intelligent list of complaints of their own-- talking about the military industrial complex, about how the wealth of the elite is derived from the debt of the poor, and how we are willing to spend millions to kill people, but we don't have a dime to give anybody healthcare or housing. This happened over and over again and was really quite heartening.

Another group of people outside a homeless shelter initially yelled at me for putting up flyers, and one came over to tear it down. First he read it, then he yelled back to his friends, "Naw, it's cool."

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