October 6, 2011


Things I've learned today:

1) Apparently my mobile uploading thing for this page doesn't work. In the middle of uploading video from today. Going to edit Dennis Trainor Jr's speech from Occupy Wall Street today.

2) P2 cards are incredibly expensive. We've only got 4 of them for two cameras. The reason for that is they are about $500/ea. If you want to help the No Cure For That documentary team out, please go to http://nocureforthat.org/ and click that donate button.

Why help us buy more p2 cards? Well, they take a long time to upload footage, and if we currently only have enough space for 2 hours per camera. Our HQ is about 20 min away from the plaza, and the occupation of Freedom Plaza is going on 24/7, and we're trying to capture as much as possible for this documentary.

I'm in the middle of logging four 64gig p2 video cards, and it's taking me about an hour per card. Oi. Then backing them up... If we had four more, that would give us the flexibility to send a member of our team back to log footage on our external HD, and then wipe the cards and bring back fresh recording media so we can keep shooting.

3) DC is a sweet city. I really really like it here. I've visited many times, but I've never lived here before.

4) Lee Camp is taller in person than I thought.

5) Medea Benjamin is shorter in person than I thought.

6) DC cops will clear the streets for you if you have a spontaneous march.

7) Junkyard Empire kicks ass live.

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