October 31, 2011


I have no words to express how I feel.

This is something you would expect to see in some backwards police state like Yugoslavia, China, or Israel.

Why is it that places like Tennessee are letting the protesters occupy, but Oakland California are shooting people in the face with teargas canisters, and lobbing flashbang grenades at medics?

I heard today from "Mommy" from Occupy Boston, that people were having their wrists broken by the police, were held in custody without charge for 24 hours while that wrist was broken, denied medical attention, and then released with a broken wrist. They also arrested medics who were treating people injured by the police.

This use of violence against nonviolent protesters only makes it more clear how illegitimate the state is.

If the government of Oakland, and Boston want to redeem themselves, the officers involved in this brutality must be tried as criminals for assault and battery, or where the use of weapons is clearly intended to maim and injure, as they did Scott Olsen, they should be charged with attempted murder.

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