September 24, 2014

Green Party Candidate Crashes Oregon Governor's Debate

Sometimes you just gotta force people to play fair.

PM: "We set this up to be between the Democratic and Republican candidates."
Jason Levin: "Yes, I know, everything has been set up between the Democratic and Republican candidates."
PM: "We don't have time for all three people to answer questions."
Jason: "You don't have time for a candidate that is on the ballot to participate in the forum?"
PM: We'd be happy to meet with you after this.
Jason: I thought we established that separate but equal is not equal. It's very difficult for me to get on tv and meet the other candidates, (how are you doing sir, good to meet you, and good to meet you as well)"

Of course, Jason Levin was lucky that he was able to just storm in and join the debate. When Jill Stein ran in 2012, she was arrested for being on the grounds of the Debate:

And in 2000, Ralph Nader was similarly escorted off the grounds of one of the Presidential Debates, not for trying to participate, but simply for being there:

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