January 19, 2012

Some random footage of #j17 Occupy Congress

I've got a ton of footage that I can't even begin to sort through, so I'm uploading stuff raw and uncut from my FlipCam to the FreeChangeCollective's channel:

Here's what's up so far. Updates to come.

Om meditation circle in front of the White House. Illegal.

Putting up hearts with our hopes and wishes on them, and tying them to the gate of the whitehouse. Also illegal.

Once again, thank you to everybody who has signed up for sustaining donations, and all of you who purchase t-shirts. You make this stuff possible.


Occupation of Carl Levin's office:

Crowds gather:

The March Leaves:

The March Takes the Supreme Court Stairs (illegal):

March stops to read the 1st Ammnt on the NEWSEUM:

Headed to the Whitehouse:

Passing Freedom Plaza and DC City Hall:

Putting up paper hearts on the White House gates:

Somebody familiar doing something illegal:

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