January 6, 2012

RIP broken window

Now, I don't advocate property destruction.
But it is not violence. It's vandalism.
It's still arguably wrong.

But it's not violence.

Shooting somebody in the face with a tear gas canister and sending them into a COMA, as the OPD did... that's violence.
Beating protesters over the head with batons for simply sitting down in a park. That's violence.
Spraying protesters with chemical weapons for sitting down on the sidewalk. That's violence.

Breaking a window? That's property destruction.

Tactically, it's stupid.

It turns people away from the movement. It marginalizes the movement, so that the 99% who don't know that they should be part of this movement, they become more reluctant to join.

We need the drones to wake up and join us, to go on strike, to unionize, to go on wildcat strikes, to stop allowing themselves to be used as mindless gears in a system that grinds the poor like hamburger meat.

Property destruction is not sexy to anybody but the "aesthetic anarchists" -- those who prefer the appearance of anarchy to the substance of it. It's not a good move, as it weakens us and turns people off.

The way forward is through overwhelming love and joy. We have no enemies. We have only two groups of people in our movement-- those are aware that they are part of the movement, and those who are not yet aware that they are part of the movement.

We're still in the nacent stages of movement building. Let's continue recruiting, through joy, exuberance, and taking the moral high ground through non-compliance and non-participation.


    I've never heard it put so well. Thank you. It's as though you are a member of my Occupy group. It's sticky right now.
    I'm linking this to my facebook page immediately.

  2. Where are you based out of? I've been to OWS and OccupyDC a bunch since October.

  3. This is EXACTLY the point I have been trying to make all along! Thank you! Tweeting this now!