January 5, 2012

I get weird emails

So, I don't know what to make of this. Bullshit? An honest warning? Conspiracy theory crap to scare people into fearful submission, so that they are afraid to take part in protests? Nothing?

I figured I'd post it just the same, and see what you think of it:

Your safety (and mine)
Hello, you and I are literally talking the same talk, I'm doing mine on twitter. I think we are probably generating lots of attention, I currently work in law enforcement (local cop, not fed) and I see the public service memos. You have NO idea (even though you seem too) how prepared they are. The 'plan' was made YEARS ago. To be quite specific, I am a 'reserve' officer, non-commissioned law enforcement officer, does that not sound odd to you? I have never attended an academy, just in-house training. I joined to help the community but now I perform actual law enforcement functions.

When the order is given to initiate domestic tyranny, law enforcement will go under FEMA / DHS authority with a regional commander in charge, probably military but who knows. The FEMA camps are real as well. One is being built about 20 miles south of me.

I have weapons, months and months of supplies that I have acquired over a long stretch of time, I'd rather not hurt anyone even my enemy but if need be I am obviously ready to do what I have to do.

I suggest that you make plans if you haven't, the term civil unrest is being thrown around A LOT! And this is within local police departments (I'm not even in a large city!) Rights haven't existed for quite some time. We are all slaves and the government "MUST CONTINUE" at ALL costs.

If you want ANY advice, tips or tricks, please by all means let me know.

I don't want to know your name, where you live or anything more about you other than your youtube username, it is for your safety and mine.

Be safe, be prepared to duck out at a moments notice. Listen to the police scanner and also listen to hiband transmissions typically encrypted but in the 4.9 MHz spectrum.

Don't get dead, the new america needs you...



  1. Seems like a spam email, that or the guy doesn't follow you enough to know where you live. This "conspiracy theory" has a lot of documentation behind it, and the NDAA is supposedly part of it. That is to say, the theorists have been saying the something like the NDAA was coming for about 10 years now. Hopefully, it stays a theory....

  2. Look at history. The things America is doing now mirror the rise of despotism in the past. It's not nutty to think that it could happen here. It's naive to be certain that it wouldn't.