January 25, 2012

Occupy The SEC

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Also, here's an online petition form to the SEC from Public Citizen you can use in the short term.

And while that's nice and all, you should really get your ass down to DC and complain in person.

So the SEC, if they had done their job, Wall Street would not have fucked up the entire world economy. Or at least not as badly as they did.

The Newsletter Version

The SEC, charged with regulating wall street, has largely not done their job, or worse, actively helped to cover up the crimes of wall street.

The SEC is a lynchpin intersection between Washington, DC and Wall Street.

On March 30th, there is a mass mobilization in DC that I'm sure you all know about. We should start planning now to occupy the SEC in March, and begin shining a light on how corrupt they are.

This is a critical target, and is a good target to utilize the "identity triangle" method of contrasting who our target is, and what they say they are, the conflict between what they say they do, and what they actually do. The conflict between what they say reality is, and what actual reality is.

If we can weaken the collusion at this juncture between Washington DC and Wall Street, we can start really making a massive dent in the power structure.

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