July 9, 2014

Limited Run of Shirts!

So as many long time followers know, I make t-shirts. I haven't for a little bit. But I'm trying to get back into that game.

The worst thing possible thing making t-shirts is to put effort and money into making multiple screens for what I think is a really great run of shirts, only to find out that nobody wants to buy them. Plus losing money is a really lousy way to make a living. Plus there's the small pile of shirts that I just have laying around now. What a waste!


So after thinking on it for a while, I decided that I would use crowd-funding to gauge whether or not these shirts were any good. So I'll make small batches of shirts, and then once the goal is met (or exceeded) everybody who wants a shirt can get a shirt.

And then when the project is over, I will clean the screens, and the shirt design will go away. So these shirts will be limited run. So if you like it, get it now, because I'm not making it again.

That will keep me busy constantly thinking of and making new designs, which is really the most fun part of screenprinting.

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