December 1, 2013

My Computer is DEAD

So my computer has slowly been dying. Weird things have been happening. The screen is getting glitchy. And nowadays I can't edit a video without the harddrive seizing up and shutting off.

I am currently unemployed. No, wait. THIS IS my job. I make t-shirts, I make videos, I do interviews with interesting and intelligent people, and then make that content available to you.

I don't make any money via ad revenue. This is ad-free content.
I don't get paid by any corporation. I rely on the support of you, the audience (just like NPR does.)

While I am searching constantly for side-work to help pay the bills, the only callbacks I'm getting are for things like medical jobs I'm not qualified or suited for, and valet parking. I'm actually hoping to take a valet parking job, where I'll be making $5 an hour. That's where I'm at right now.

I'm not asking you to buy me a new computer. I'm asking for help with getting a computer so that I can continue to produce the content you apparently like (for some reason).

UPDATE: My computer is totally dead.

It won't stay on longer than a few minutes. And then I get this:

I am not sure the cause. Either hard drive failure or video card failure.

I've been searching for refurbished MacPro tower workstations online, and I've found several good deals under $1000 with specs that fit my video editing workstation needs. (Plus with the towers, I can always expand certain things, like RAM, and HD size), my currently dead computer is a nearly 10 year old iMac. Pretty much anything I get will be better. Since my boss uses FCP (and I use FCP too) it needs to be a Mac. Which sucks. I don't really like Macs. But they have FCP, and FCP works seamlessly with p2 media cards, which is what I have in my professional quality camera...

If you don't like just giving away money, and want to get something in return, consider buying a t-shirt over in my store links over that way --->

If everybody who "likes" the Punk Patriot's facebook page and reads this blog chipped in $0.50, It would be more than enough:

Raised so far:
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Thanks to those who have donated, plus some of my own money, I now have a functioning computer to make video on again!

There will be new Punk Patriot videos on the horizon soon!

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  1. After my small donation yesterday, I just checked back in to see how it was going and voila! There's been a significant increase to help purchase a new computer. Congrats.,