March 1, 2011

The Story of Citizens United vs FEC released TODAY


Tuesday evening (tonight) there are two live webinar events - one at 7pm Eastern, another at 7pm Pacific - with Annie Leonard of the Story of Stuff Project and Rob Weismann, President of Public Citizen.

To participate in one of the live webinar events, please register beforehand at one of the links below to get set up.

For the 7pm EST webinar visit:
For the 7pm PST webinar visit:>

You'll be able to watch and listen to the event on your computer (and even pose questions to the speakers), or, you can use the phone number provided to listen to the webinar on speaker phone if that is preferable.

Action Toolkit

Finally, if you need sample letters, a copy of the petition, ideas for how to organize locally and more, you'll find them all in Public Citizen's Action Toolkit. You can download a copy of the toolkit HERE. Look for "Action Toolkit" in the PDF section.

And make sure to post your event on map at

Click here for a whole list of things you can do:

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