March 13, 2011

I have a homework assignment for you


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  1. Interesting question...I've managed to skirt around mine with deferrments for quite some time because even with a Master's Degree, payments would cause economic hardship. Compared to wall street antics it would probably be spit in the bucket in terms of the economy. Here's an issue that gets under my skin...all these rinky dink private colleges popping up who target their advertising to single moms, minorities and other "disenfranchised" people. They hand out student loans like candy along with degrees that are quite often virtually useless. Many low income families rely on their annual tax return to help get caught up from the struggles of the past year. The loan providers can intercept ones tax return, the whole thing, which causes significant hardship for many families.
    That's my rant...until I can locate an economics professor :)