March 29, 2011


So, this morning, I found in my inbox an email saying essentially that although I didn't get into the top three, they were impressed with my application, and chose to award me a scholarship to Netroots Nation 2011.

But a large reason my application was so good, was that I had a lot of ringing endorsements from wonderful people that I respect. I'm thinking of you in particular. Yeah, you, the person reading this right now.

My application managed to get something like 290 votes, putting it in something like 10th place. That was 290 people who decided that it was a good idea to send me. It's readily apparent that *I* wasn't the one who won this. It was YOU.

YOU won this scholarship. If it wasn't for your support, your endorsements, and your willingness to spread the word, my application would have sank right to the bottom and been ignored.

So Congratulations!

I promise, while at Netroots Nation '11, to share everything about online organizing that I learn, and to document as much of the experience as I can so that it's like YOU were there too. Because really, YOU won.

Thank you!

The Punk Patriot

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