March 31, 2011

Brought To You By SOCIALISM (tm)

I have another homework assignment!

So As I've said repeatedly in the past, Socialism has a really bad "brand image" problem.

Let's do what we can to fix that brand-image problem. Take the following graphic, designed to be printed on your standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper, and place it up on various socialist institutions in your neighborhood.

Here's a link where you can download the image. Just right click and "save as."

Socialist institutions that could use a carefully and thoughtfully placed graphic such as this include:

Public Schools
Public Transportation
Lamp Posts
Post Office
National Parks
State Parks
Municipal Parks
Town Hall/City Hall
Road Signs
Fire Departments
Police Departments
Military Recruiting Stations
Public Spaces
Public Monuments
Public Water facilities
Local Roads
Interstate highway system
Department of Health and Human Services

All the above are socialist institutions! People love these things, and yet hate socialism!?

Here's a handy tutorial on how to make wheatpaste:

WARNING: Vandalism is illegal


  1. This is a post about a guy who has been in Wisconsin on a hunger strike for the better part of a month.

    Since you are pretty high up on the DFA contest - what are you going to do about this?

  2. Thanks for making me aware of this! This guy needs a better PR Team.

    Being "high up" in the DFA contest doesn't really mean anything. At least not yet. But, I have shared your article over on FB, and added HungryGuy's blog to the blogroll over in the right hand column.

    I think something we all can do, is contact unions and union organizers, and let them know about what he is doing, and ask that they create a support team for him.

    Sadly, these days, almost everything needs to have a press release and PR team.