March 25, 2011

Rachel Maddow on Gov LePage's #muralgate

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I really like what the author of the Progressive Review, Sam Smith, has to say on all this:

"The Art Department of the Coastal Packet has come up with a suggestion of how to deal with the LePage Mural Massacre. Simply copy the mural photographs and display them everywhere you can: in windows, on walls, on your car, in letters to the governor. With a little effort we can make this the most famous mural in America. And let's not be too hard on the governor. After all, without his assistance, many of us wouldn't have known the murals were even displayed at the Labor Department. Now they can become really famous."

Here's the DailyShow's take:

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  1. I'd choose "LOL" but LePage is MY governor and the mural is the only thing of beauty in the whole building (a PRIVATE office building that leases suites to the state and other entities and apparently hired Leonid Brezhnev as a decorator). It's too sad to be funny. I want my old dad dad before Baldy would be good. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Jon Stewart and colleagues. If you could hear me, you would know what I think of Governor LePage. If Maine makes it through his term, it will be a miracle. I love my home. How did we go from Margaret Chase Smith, William Cohen, George Mitchell, Olympia Snowe, Edwin Muskie, Angus King, et al to this? Shameful and outrageous.