March 28, 2011

Help send The Punk Patriot to Minneapolis for Netroots Nation 2011!!!

I'm gonna float this post at the top for a while


I'm applying for a scholarship to attend the DFA Netroots Nation 2011 conference in Minneapolis, MN.

If you aren't familiar with it, Netroots Nation is a huge activism training workshop held every year by Democracy For America, and they train specifically for online activism, fundraising, campaigning, etc.

My hope is to be able to learn skills, or learn of tools, or how to better use tools I'm already using, so that I can be a better organizer, fundraiser, and all around activist.

The more people that vote for my scholarship, the more likely I am to get it. It's a tough competition, but already through the help of friends, family, and others, I've already made it into the top 20. I believe I have to make it into the top 3 to be considered, which is why your help is so important.

If you would be so kind as to visit the link below, vote, and after that, please spread the word!

Thank you very much!
The Punk Patriot

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