December 2, 2010

NASA discovers ALIEN LIFE- here on earth!

According NASA announced today that they've discovered a new life form that may well have evolved independently of all life here on earth.

Which lends credence to my crazy theory that all life on earth probably DIDN'T evolve from a common ancestor. My thinking: If life really IS due to chemistry and not some direct divine intervention, there's no reason that it should be rare. In fact it should be as ubiquitous as other things caused by chemistry are. In fact, I see no reason why some of the five kingdoms of life could not have evolved separately from unique origins.


Okay, yeah, so it's not nearly as cool as Gizmodo initially made it seem:



  1. Yes but your 'theory' is merely an hypothesis which has been debunked ages ago along with others like intelligent design.Evolution by common descent is backed by molecular biology,geology,paleontology etc

  2. This recent discovery flies in the face of all that "debunking."

    Furthermore, if life does come from chemical chance, it's going to be made of similar things each time it originates, so it would make sense that the detective work would look like everything was from common ancestor.

    You're ignoring the phenomenon of convergent evolution- that certain body shapes perform certain functions, and that those best suited to perform certain functions give rise to similar looking animals- like sharks and dolphins.

    Now think of convergent evolution in terms of biochemistry- -that certain chemical chains perform certain functions. Life likely evolved simultaneously all around the earth independently from one another. From single celled organisms, certainly, but these single celled organisms likely were all nearly identical, but came from non-living chemical compounds.

    Having studied microbiology, I don't see a distinct line between living and non-living chemical compounds. It's blurry.

  3. The whole article from the AP about finding a microbe that can use arsenic instead of phosphorous for growth is facinating.

    Our universe is just SO vast, personally, I find it hard to believe that Earth is the only planet with life.

    Maybe I watch/read too much SciFi.

  4. Here's an excellent article by P.Z.Meyers about this findings

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