December 8, 2010

Keith Olberman Nails it

Also, is taking a stand against Obama. If you're a Democratic President, and is against you, you KNOW you've fucked up.

Obama is turning out to be a Hoover, not an FDR.


  1. Maddow devoted most of her show to take apart the capitulation (ooh, the Republicans gave Obama tax cuts in compromise for Obama giving them tax cuts) and Cenk Uygur did a great job tearing apart the pathetic press conference performance today.

    On the other hand, some Third Way sympathizer wrote a "thank you" op-ed at the Washington Post, so apparently the compromise must be OK.

  2. Although I believe the Democrats have definitely been too quick to show their cards over the past couple of years (Wasn't it Pelosi/Reed who took the Public Option off the table early in the debate?), I think we have to temper all of this venom against President Obama.

    To continue the "MSNBC" theme, I think the Lawrence O'Donnell/Ezra Klein take on this has some merit.

    1. Would it really been right to let the tax cuts for the middle class expire on 12/31, raising their taxes by a whopping 50%? What about not extending unemployment benefits? Political fireworks are one thing, economic reality is another.

    2. According to Klein, the net value of the deal is fairly progressive (EIC tax credits, extension of unemployment benefits, etc.)

    3. Do we expect to get a better deal in 2011 when the Republican numbers go up in Congress?

    I think politically, President Obama should have waited until the last minute to strike the deal. That would at least have allowed the Democrats to expose the Republican side for what it is...more wealth grabbing for the upper-class. But in the end the deal may have just been the same.

  3. Whew!! No mixing words here. What a blast to Obama & all true. He sold out the federal employees w/salary freeze & now this. Now, neither left nor right have any respect for him.

    Just read a new book that everyone will enjoy cause it's about Americans actually taking a stand. It's a thriller & surprise ending. I recommend it for those who think like us.

    I now poinder what Obama will do next cause his leadership skills are lacking to the point that he'll give away anyone. Great video. Thanks!!

  4. This is surprising, since Keith Olberman is simply controlled opposition (I don't count him as a "progressive" pundit, he's simply anti GOP) and is similar. Bernie Sanders is a faux independent that is so faux that he's often mistaken for a full blown democract, and these people are now fighting Obama? While I'm a cynic on the topic and I think they won't stand up to him, I sure hope I'm wrong because we may be seeing the beginning of the defection from the Democrats, of progressives I mean and I sure hope that's the case.

  5. If Bernie Sanders doesn't stand up to this, I will lose all respect for him. He has been known to be a big sucker for Obama.