December 9, 2010

Anonymous & Wikileaks vs Governments: World War III

Keith Olberman speaks with author James Moore about the article he published on Huffington Post today.

What we're seeing go down right now really is World War III.

Governments/Corporations are literally trying to censor the internet.
The idea that the internet is information anarchy is being put to the test, and we're finding that the internet is actually far more controlled than we have assumed. Gatekeepers have found their way into places of power, and we've been asleep at the wheel while they've dug their trenches.

Now, if a the corporate government wants you gone, they can shut you down. What we are seeing now is a people's revolt against oppressive virtual regimes.

People who understand computers are not taking to the streets, but are taking to the internet and fighting back in virtual space, throwing virtual maltov cocktails.

Why this war? In the real world, wars are usually fought over access to resources. On the internet, information is the primary resource used. Those in this People's Revolt feel that access to information should be free for everybody.

The powerful entrenched feel that information should be limited; not shared, but hoarded.

We are living in an era where governments want to know everything about us and what nefarious things we're possibly up to, but don't want us to know anything about them and what nefarious things they are possibly up to.

Wikileaks and Anonymous are fighting against exactly that paradigm. And that's ultimately what this is all about.

This is World War III, and it is quite literally is a war of ideas.

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