December 9, 2010

In the UK, students prepare to Kill And Eat the Rich

Live Stream of the UK protests from Fox News (no audio)

Footage of the riots as they unfolded. Students say, "This is just the begining."

Live Newsticker from the

Despite the raging fires, and the smashing of windows, the protesters at large have managed to keep fairly cool heads, as demonstrated by the crowds reaction when one student who made his way to the top of the building threw a fire extinguisher down onto riot police:

Now some may think that these protests are a bit extreme.

But I admire these student protesters in their restraint, as they have not yet Killed And Eaten the Rich.


  1. If only my fellow American students could tear themselves away from the Facebooks and iPhones long enough to wake up, wise up and stand up for themselves.

  2. Now someone PLEASE tell me why the fuck this doesn't happen in America. We should be DESTROYING the headquarters of Goldman Sachs, raiding Wall Street, and infiltrating the Federal Reserve.