March 18, 2014

2014 Brings Most Green Independent Party Candidates since 2004

15 Green Independents running for Legislature

Most Green candidates since 2004
Contact: Asher Platts, Chair, Maine Green Independent Party (207-776-5448)
March 18, 2014
AUGUSTA- Fifteen Green Independents have qualified for the ballot in 2014, the most since 2004. Among the 15 candidates are 5 candidates for State Senate, an all-time high for the Maine Green Independent Party.
Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, the Maine Green Independent Party and its candidates refuse to accept corporate and PAC funds.
Notable among candidates for Senate are 2012 candidate for State Senate Maine Green Independent Party Chair, Asher Platts (SD-28 Portland), 2012 candidate for State House and party treasurer Fred Horch(SD-24 Brunswick) and attorney and Single Payer healthcare advocate Alice Knapp (SD-23 Richmond).
Among the candidates for House are Portland Green Independent Committee chair Tom MacMillan (HD 38, West End, Portland), former state senate candidate and social worker Daniel Stromgren (HD 54-Topsham), Banking Reform advocate Randall Parr (HD-95 Appleton), and environmental advocate Paige K. Brown (HD 97-Norport).
“We have an outstanding group of candidates representing the more than 37,000 registered Green Independents statewide. From Northport to Topsham, Casco to Appleton, Mainers are stepping up, running for the Legislature and refusing to tolerate corporate-funded ‘politics as usual’" says state party chair Asher Platts.
“Having run previously in 2012, I know Portland’s West End is seeking a true community advocate in Augusta. I’m running again because we need a true representative in Augusta. ” said Portland Greens chair Tom MacMillan.

Maine State Senate:
SD 23: Alice Knapp, Richmond
SD 24: Fred Horch, Brunswick
SD 27: Asher Platts, Portland
SD 28: Danielle Unterreiner, Portland
SD 29: Mark Diehl, Cape Elizabeth

Maine House of Representatives:
HD 23: Michael Wakefield, Standish
HD 33: Bob Klotz, South Portland
HD 36: Samuel Chandler, Portland
HD 38: Tom MacMillan, Portland
HD 39: Benjamin Schattenburg, Portland
HD 41: Reed Berkowitz, Portland
HD 54: Daniel Stromgren, Topsham
HD 66: Lisa Willey, Casco
HD 95: Randall Parr, Appleton
HD 97:Paige K. Brown, Northport

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