May 30, 2013

Thirteen Years Ago: Ralph Nader Super Rally in 2000 at Madison Square Garden

I encourage you to watch the whole thing.

Nader talking about how we can/must fight back against:
Monsanto, racial profiling, student debt, the drug war, corporate power, the corrupt Corporation on Presidential Debates, the growing wealth disparity, globalization, the crackdown on labor unions, the way the legal system is built by corporations to rip off poor people, the lack of public infrastructure that makes it impossible for millions of poor people to get to their jobs unless they own cars, factory farms, GMOs, the military industrial complex, and so on.

This could have been filmed yesterday at something "Occupy" related. The fight thirteen years ago is still our fight today.

I'm looking forwards to Green Party Super Rallies starting in 2016... but they won't happen unless you make them happen.

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