December 19, 2011

To all the OWS peeps going home to families that don't "get it."

via Goldenbear Productions

h/t Lauren Minis

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  1. While I may only be "Occupy Information Support*" due to disability, I successfully avoided discussing it with my yellow-dog Rethuglican mother and the rest of those right-wing nut baskets around the xmas dinner table. There's no way I could have convinced my borderline 1%er mother that Occupy isn't a bunch of socialist hippy kids (that's what she heard on Faux Noise) trying to get something for nothing. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    *Occupy Information Support- Since I cannot go out and occupy or march physically due to my health, I watch Tim Poole (Timcast), PunkboyinSF, and Spencer Mills (OakFoSho) and look up any information they may want while they are reporting. I can do anything from monitor police radio channels to Google facts they might need, or locate fellow live streamers at protests and report back to the streamer via text, social stream or chat stream. It really works out nicely both for them AND for me. It makes me feel like I am doing something for the movement, AKA being useful!

    I suppose the "stormtroopers in black" could still come in here, steal my computer and/or drag me out and disappear me for my "involvement" but when that day comes, I hope my son and whatever occupiers remain will make my name a household word that shows our government has undoubtedly turned the corner into fascism.