December 18, 2011

Ron Paul talks about Student Debt

via Occupy Student Debt:

"‎This is not an endorsement for or against Ron Paul. He is just discussing some important issues about our plight, and it is well worth watching and considering. He is the only candidate from either party to really take this subject head-on in an open and honest way."

I would like to add that Ron Paul's idea of taking away access to loans and letting the free market sort things out is koo koo bananas.

The reason why people who work would want their taxes to pay for the college of somebody else, is because that somebody else might end up being the heart surgeon who saves their life later-- if they get to go to college.

A well educated society benefits everybody. College should be free for those who want to go. College students have become the new sub-prime mortgages. We absolutely should "bail out" student debt: That's the transition to a society in which education is free for those who want to pursue it.

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