December 19, 2011

Ron Paul is now the frontrunner in Iowa.

via RawStory

According to a new poll release from Public Policy Poll, Paul has surged ahead at 23 percent, with Mitt Romney now in second place at 20 percent. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has seen a dramatic drop in support, falling to third at 14 percent.

"If [Bachman] thinks we live in a dangerous world, she ought to think back to when I was drafted in 1962, when there were nuclear missiles in CUBA, and Kennedy calls Krushev and talks to him, and talks him out of this thing so we don't have a nuclear exchange. and you're trying to dramatize this and say that we need to treat Iran like we've treated Iraq, and kill one million Iraqis, and some 8,000 Americans have died since we've gone to war? You cannot solve these problems with war!"

Also, to hear the applause coming from a GOP audience at the line, "WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER WAR!" gives me goosebumps. It might really be possible that Ron Paul could be the nominee of the GOP. I would LOVE to see a debate between Ron Paul and Barack Obama.


Because this right-wing hardliner would be running to the LEFT of Obama on War, Civil Liberties, Drug Legalization, and Gay Marriage.

I want to make clear-- I disagree with 50% of what Ron Paul stands for. I disagree that personal liberty and economic liberty are the same issue-- in fact, those two things are often at odds with one another (see Singapore for example).

But the 50% I agree with, I agree with 100%.

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