December 11, 2011

Pop music's popularity is dependent on sexual language

A recent study found that pop music's popularity is dependant on language that talked about sexual reproduction.

So this track will probably become the most popular pop song in America:

Sex sex sex sex by PunkPatriot

Which of course answers the question: Why does pop music suck?
The answer is: Because the average American is intellectually comparable to a bonobo in heat.



Your impulse to breed
says it's what you need
your top priority
is make new mouth to feed

sex sex sex sex (it feels good, do it now)

your body makes
you feel insane
you only use
your lizard brain

sex sex sex sex (it feels good, do it now)

just be a slave
to your biology
your nationality
your sociology
your geography
your economy
now dance for sex like you've had a lobotomy

sex sex sex sex

1 comment:

  1. That was great fun! Normally, techno doesn't do much for me as a genre, but the sense of humor behind this really hooked me. (Plus the old disco queen in me really wanted to get up and shake my saggy old money maker!)

    As an only child who only had one child herself, I've sometimes felt that I didn't quite fulfill my biological imperative. My son is 26 and plans not to have children. It's not that he doesn't love children, he does, it's that he doesn't think the planet can sustain the current population, let alone exponential increases.

    The truly sad component of what's been happening concerning birth rates is that people with higher IQs have fewer children and those at the lower end of "normal" intelligence have many more children than average. Unfortunately, this has the effect of "watering down" our collective intelligence. Is it a failure in understanding how to properly use birth control? In some cases (like the Duggars) it's all about doing what they believe their god would want.

    Personally, I think anything more than an heir and a spare is a waste of resources. I think the Georgia Guide Stones has population guidelines about right.