October 31, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity: What Sanity? (The Stupid Win)

So much for peaceful discourse. Deep down inside of everybody is a stupid chimpanzee who hits things that they disagree with. Some of them wear suits.

Here's the Daily Show's executive Producer assaulting a 9-11 Truth person.
Regardless of what you think about 9-11 truth folks: they're righteous/annoying-- they don't deserve to be asssaulted.

The best way to deal with something you find annoying, is to just walk away and ignore it.
That would be the sane, rational thing to do.

But then, we aren't sane or rational here in the USA. We love to hit things we don't understand or don't like. Like Iraq, Arabs, CodePink, anti-war protesters, hippies, journalists, or poor people.

I look forward to more from Davis Fleetwood's time at the rally. You can subscribe to his channel here:

Davis Fleetwood's channel

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