October 26, 2010


They told us when they took our jobs overseas, "No hard feelings. It's just business, you know?"
They told us when they destroyed our 401ks through gambling with our money, "No hard feelings. It's just business, you know?"
They told us when we fell behind on our mortgage and foreclosed on our house, kicking us to the street, "No hard feelings. It's just business, you know?"
As more and more people were forced on welfare, the government's budget started to look grim. When they cut welfare spending entirely so that they could enjoy bigger tax cuts to "stimulate the economy," they told us, "No hard feelings. It's just business, you know?"

Then the poor had nothing left to eat, and no place to go.

So they had to kill and eat the rich.

They descended on Wall Street by the millions, stopping all traffic.

Their numbers were so large, the police couldn't do anything to stop the massive crowd of the disenfranchised. They flooded the buildings of Wall Street, the halls of DC, of the McMansions of Texas, and like a horde of zombies, they tore into the flesh of the horrified wealthy, who screamed and shat themselves, knowing that they were powerless to stop the oncoming mass of gnashing teeth and hungry mouths.

And as the poor picked the bones clean over the burning piles of money, the poor said to the bones:

"No hard feelings. It's just business, you know?"

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  1. I wrote a song for you!

    This land is my land, it isn’t your land
    From California, to the New York Island
    From the cut-down forests, to the polluted waters
    This land was made for only me

    As I was foreclosing on a helpless family
    I saw above me an AC-130
    I saw below me a coal facility
    This land was made for AIG


    I've whined and rambled and I've begged for bailouts
    To the presidents of her corporate nation
    And all around me money was falling
    This land was made for only me


    The pres comes paying as I was threatening
    Wall Street cheering and the people suffering
    The hope was building a voice said “changing”
    This land was made for only me


    As I was walkin' - I saw a homeless family
    And then they said – please sir I’m starving'
    But as for me .... i didn't pay nothin!
    They deserve to go hungry!


    In the derivatives of the Wall Street hedgefunds
    - In the shadow of the housing market
    Near the unemployment office - I see those people
    And some are starvin' and some are cryin'
    If this land's still made for AIG.

    Chorus (2x)

  2. @Anonymous: Brilliant! Could you record a performance?

  3. I have no musical talent whatsoever, but it'd be cool to see you make this into a song!

    Thank you by the way.

  4. Wow. That song is fantastic. PP- Can we put together a group to record a version of this? I'd love to sing it & could come to Portland to do it.... Maybe as an opener for a live performance of your band? Just a thought....

  5. I would love to! Maybe I'll record myself singing and playing guitar, and have people just record their voices while listening on headphones.

    I can edit all of those together into on megafile.

  6. Can I put this. On my cd, I'm going into the studio tomorrow. Email me at shillin69@Gmail.com I would love to use the lyrics.